Take Our Older Than Dirt Quiz


Count only the ones that you remember, not those you were told about by another person. 


1.  45 RPM records
2.  Telephone party lines
3.  Butch Wax
4.  Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles
5.  Howdy Doody
6.  P. F. Flyers
7.  Blue Flashbulbs
8.  S & H Green Stamps
9.  The Andy Griffith Show
10.  Pea Shooters
11. Hi-fi's
12.  News Reels before the movies
13.  Rabbit ears with tin foil
14.  Drive-In Movie Theaters with metal speakers
15.  Soda Fountains
16.  Metal ice trays with levers
17.  Home milk delivery in glass bottles
18.  Blackjack chewing gum
19.  Candy cigarettes
20.  TV test patterns that came on the screen after the final show and
        stayed there until TV shows started again in the morning
21.  Diners & Restaurants with tableside Jukeboxes
22.  Girls school gym uniforms
23.  Metal lunch boxes
24. Telephone numbers with a word  prefix (DRake-74303)
25.  Books with records
27.  Mimeograph paper
28.  33 RPM records
29.  Cork popguns
30.  Wash tub wringers
31.  Boone's Farm
32.  Roller skate keys
33.  Home Economics Class in school
34.  Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water
35.  45 RPM adaptors

If you remember 0 to 5, you are still young

If you remember 6 to 19, you are getting older

However, if you remember 20 to 35, YOU are older than dirt



Page Created: 4/03/20