We are all 1958 graduates of the HHS Class of '58. As a result of attending our high school reunions over the years, our friendships have continued to grow.

At our 45th high school reunion, we decided to form our own chapter in the Red Hat Society.  Our purpose being to have fun and provide support for each other in all areas of our lives.  Our first meeting was held on September 13, 2003 in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

It has been an honor to dedicate our site to our former Queen Mother, Sharon (George) Peck.  Sharon was our inspiration for forming the HHS Class of '58 Classiques.



Kay (Lamphier) Peterson


Karen (Osgood) Ackerman

Janice (Smetter) Bantum

Jerry (Peyton) Berk


Jane (Wendell) Bromme

Judy (Walters) Falk

Janet (Jones) Fagerberg


Elaine (Forney) Fitzke

Sharon (Lovell) Gergen

Carolyn (Peel) Hansen


Marmette (Yeagley) Hegwood

Barb (Carl) Hinrichs

Deanna (Robare) January


Nella (Burns) Kincaid

Shirley (Gates) Kistler

Laneta (Augustine) Krull


Ada (Mullen) Robinson

Jeanette (Jacobs) Scholtz

Arladeane (Johnson) Urbauer



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